Our purpose

Hey Good Looking's goal is simple--we are here to help and support you in growing your photography business...and to help and support prop artisans by introducing them to you! 

How? Good question, good question, my dear fellow photographer!

Well we know the struggle to pair props together is real. SO REAL! This grey does not go with that grey...and that grey over there has a slightly more blue tint than the others and would totally clash...and suddenly all those grey items you thought would work together? Well ya, they totally don't! And that "grey" sitter romper? Well that's not quite the same grey either but since it's been a while since the babe's newborn session you may not even notice until the images are put side by side :(   

Our boxes are paired to perfection.

And perfect pairings make for beautiful wall galleries that practically sell themselves...and that makes everyone happier :) 


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I want in!!!