Oh, hi...why hello there!

Are you a new photographer?
An established photographer stuck in a prop rut?
Or just a photographer addicted to props? {RAISED HAND}
Well this is the place for you!
Hey Good Looking is all about hooking you up with the best and brightest prop vendors so you can refresh your look, create your look, or just add a little somethin' somethin' extra to your look ;)
Because hey, when you use props that make your clients look good...it makes you look good! And you know what that means......more sales and more clients! 'Cause everybody wants to look good!
{seriously...I'm pretty sure making sure your clients look good is a key component of photographic success!}
We're starting off small...with just a single product to help you and your littlest of clients look good every single month of the year...but don't you worry--we've got lots of big plans for future expansion! 

Lookin' good newborn prop box

Lookin' good newborn prop box
Boxes of beautifully handcrafted, perfectly coordinated props from our lovely vendors delivered right to your doorstep! 
But wait!--you say--random props? I'm just not a {BLANK} kinda girl...that look is soooo not me!
Never fear! We believe everyone is beautiful, unique, and different...and the props that would make one photographer look *ah-maze-ing* might make another look perhaps even a little foolish!

Authenticity is KEY.

So we start every subscription with a little questionnaire so we can get to know YOU and have our stylists tailor each and every box--BY HAND--with props that we feel will reflect, or help you find *your* style. Our stylists *may* throw in some items that you might not usually choose yourself. Test them out, see if you like them! Experiment! Sometimes it's good to try out things we usually wouldn't try :)  


How it works!

Once you place your order you will be taken to a Thank-you page that has a link to our new subscriber page; follow that link and complete a quick style profile so we can get to know you a little better! Once we get your style profile we'll begin putting together your Subscriber File--your style profile is a big part of this...but we also like to do a little internet stalking (of the non-creepy variety ;) ) to take a peeksie at your photography work at all the places you inhabit on the web. Once we get to know you a little better, we will get your first prop box filled with handpicked goodies into the mail to you! You get to keep absolutely all the props included in your box--and we absolutely hope you love them!

There is no contract...and you can cancel or change your subscription at any time via the "manage your subscriptions!" link at the top of our website.

We currently only ship within the US, as well as to the UK, AUS, Canada, and a handful of other countries--please email us (hello@heygoodlookingprops.com) if you are from another country and would like to order a box... we'll do some research and see what we can do! 

Please note that typical turnaround time from your first order to your first box being shipped is 7-14 days! Thanks so much for your patience! 
    $ 99.95